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Fantissima - The Show. The Dinner. Your experience.

Experience the special magic of Germany's most successful dinner show!

Look forward to a breathtaking show experience full of great entertainment and great emotions. Enjoy refined culinary delights with an exquisite 4-course menu. And let yourself be pampered in an exclusive ambience of lifestyle and elegance.
At Fantissima, show, dinner and ambience merge into a fascinating overall experience - and you are right in the middle of it. Immerse yourself in dreamlike worlds, enjoy the magic of the moment and forget everyday life for an incomparable evening!

All prices include show and signature menu in four courses.

Information for your visit

Due to the current Corona regulations of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the obligation to provide proof of eligibility (recovered/vaccinated/tested) as well as the obligation to wear a mask are no longer required for the dinner show Fantissima. Your evening at Fantissima is therefore possible without restrictions. All information for your Fantissima evening can be found on our website.

General information about the evening
  • Fantissima is an evening event lasting several hours with a show programme and sophisticated culinary menu creations. The minimum age for children is 14 years.
  • Free parking is available in car park P3 (opposite the Berlin entrance). The short walk to the Fantissima Theatre is signposted from there.
  • Admission begins 90 minutes before the show. The duration of the event is approx. 4 hours.
  • Please keep to the designated distance markings in the waiting areas.
  • The tables will be set up and seated individually each evening. Six to ten people can be seated at each of the round tables - depending on the hall plan and number of guests. You can choose between three seating categories when making your booking:
    Category 1: 1st to 3rd row of tables
    Category 2: 4th to last row of tables
    Category 3: Seats with restricted view
  • On site you will be assigned your fixed seats at your table by the service management - adapted to the currently valid Corona regulations. Changes are not possible. Our service staff will guide you to your seats.
  • Dress code: Fantissima is a special evening where you will experience unique things in an extraordinary ambience. If you want to experience this exclusive event, you need the right outfit. After all, every guest contributes to the fascination of Fantissima - and not least the wardrobe must do justice to the unique flair. We can therefore only grant you admission to Fantissima if you are dressed appropriately stylish and well-groomed. Dress up!
    Yes, please: an elegant outfit. The gentlemen, for example, with jacket and neat trousers, the ladies, for example, in a distinguished dress or stylish blazer. Modern and chic shirts, blousons and fine jackets, stylish jumpsuits and the like are also welcome.
    No thanks: street and casual wear. In, for example, shorts and open-toed shoes (for men), plaid shirts, T-shirts, flip flops, sweatpants, ripped jeans and unkempt clothing, we can't let you enter Fantissima.